How to prevent labor actions against your company

Some cases of labor suits tend to repeat when the company is not aware of the legislation and doesn’t worry about seeking information available for public access. 

One of the most common examples which brings legal action in the labor field is the payment that was made but not registered in the payroll. This practice hinders benefits and deposits into FGTS severance and indemnity fund. 

Another example is the incorrect practice concerning the payment of employees, such as the non-payment of overtime which can also bring legal actions, mostly if the employee gathers all kinds of proofs that confirms the non-payment of overtime. 

Let the employee spend more than 2 overtime hours can also be considered overly-long work day. Impeding the break time of the employee (according to the applicable laws) is also a reason to bring legal actions. 

Other cases which can have the same result are: 

Non-payment of health risk bonus; 

Non-payment of life risk bonus; 

Non-compliance of stability (such as pregnancy, sick leave). 

Legal actions are based on all kinds of legal issues. Each case is analyzed separately in order to achieve a fair solution before the presented proofs. 

High levels of labor actions are recorded in Brazil 

According to the statistics of the Superior Labor Court (TST), there were 3,9 million labor suits in 2016 and at the moment more the 2 million procedural protocols have been recorded in Brazil. 

To prevent your company from being affected by this kind of actions, having a law firm to develop the best strategies to prevent and reduce labor liabilities, since you will have access to professionals who know all the legal parameters in their areas of activity. 

In this article, we will know some common cases which bring the main labor lawsuits in Brazil.  Thus, the prevention of labor actions will be effective. 

Hire the services of a law firm for the labor and social security area. 

Prevention is the best way to avoid unnecessary burdens and work in accordance with the applicable laws. 

Considering so much information, having a law firm with qualified lawyers with experience in the legal field contributes to the access to legal and administrative litigation with a presence in courts and bodies across the country.  

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