M&A in restructurings Learn the difference between Merger and Acquisition

The use of M&A in restructuring is part of broad business strategies worldwide. These actions contribute to the increase in productivity and to encourage the growth of a business. 

M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) was translated to Portuguese as Fusion and Acquisitions, which means carrying out operations which have broad representation in order to stimulate the fast growth of a company. 

In order to meet a growing demand on achieving high expectations of market growth, many companies make effective decisions to correct financial imbalances and to avoid declaration of bankruptcy, that’s why they seek mergers and acquisitions. 

In this article, the roles of mergers and acquisitions will be enlightened to meet the adopted strategies as a mean of restructuring a company. 

Mergers x Acquisitions 

Merge means every operation which favors the combination of two or more companies with the goal of setting up a new one. A merge usually happens between companies with similar size. 

Acquisition is the practice of buying a company in order to encourage a more impressive growth. The practice is usually adopted by a larger company which buys a smaller one. 

M&A in restructurings with the support of a law firm 

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